First and foremost……stretching feels good, right? Well, I guess that depends on who you ask. I love it, and cannot get enough of it. However, I have a couple of clients who do not like to stretch. For many men, especially, it hurts. Give it time and you will enjoy it, too!

  • If you have any musco-skeletal problems it can improve the way you feel and alleviate pain. It can also protect your from injury. If you do any strength or resistance training you are building new muscle. You want to lengthen, and not be tight. Being tight can interfere with your range of motion. You always want to stretch after you train….even if only for five minutes.
  • As we age our tendons and ligaments lose their elasticity, so in order to maintain and improve the range of motion in your joints you need to stretch. Never bounce! It drives me bananas to see folks bouncing when they stretch. Instead, hold the stretch for 30 seconds once you find the point you can feel the stretch. Breathe!!!
  • Flexibility is very individual. Do not try to mirror someone else’s stretch. Someone else’s stretch may be too easy or too difficult for you. The beauty of your body is that you are different, which means you have different stretching needs than the person beside you or in front of you.
  • Finally, find a stretching or yoga class near you from someone who is qualified to teach you. Be careful, I am personally not a fan of online certifications for movement, and I am not a believer in calling oneself certified after one weekend of workshops. Investigate the bios of your teachers. You can trust a qualified instructor to help you meet your flexibility needs safely.

Healthy Please XOXO





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