Finally! I can share my experience as a Homeland Extra with you. I was advised by my buddy who is a regular on the show filmed here in Charlotte, NC, to keep my mouth shut! For the most part, I listened to her advice, but it aired last night so now I can share my experience with you.

When I first saw the post that Homeland was searching for  yoga practitioners to be extras at a yoga studio, I immediately submitted the picture below, thanks to a photo shoot with Jason Walle and Glamour Owl Apparel. I was in a hurry to submit my photo because I learned about the casting request a little late.

Glamour Owl Photo Shoot


I received an email a few days later that I was being cast as an extra and to expect an email telling me what to wear and where to be. At that point I still did not know which studio I was headed to. I had just been to get a pedicure with gel polish, and the night before the filming I received information that said to remove all polish. I spent an hour peeling the polish off of my poor toes tearing my nails to pieces. But hey, it’s the glamourous life of a movie star, right? We filmed mid-July and my nails are just now getting stronger!

I arrived very early that morning and the extras were placed in the Brixx Pizza Corporate Office. Yes, they provided free pizza for us. Homeland provided breakfast,  snacks, drinks and a catered lunch. I must admit, I have loved Claire Danes since she starred in Romeo and Juliet, so I was a bit star struck when I saw her…..that close.

It was time for the yoga scene with my new yogi friends. It’s interesting how this community is connected. I met several instructors who knew the yoga staff at my studio. I was shocked at how quickly things moved, and how we were expected to be ready and where they wanted us right when they wanted us there. Somewhere along the way my Manduka Black Mat Pro disappeared and the Homeland crew did everything they could do to find it, even going to the props trailer.



Cindy Brewer

The blonde here is my new friend, Cindy Brewer, Owner of Albemarle Pilates and Yoga . It was fun to spend the day with her sharing studio ideas! I also met other great instructors from around the area and received great encouragement for Core Compassion Project, a non-profit I am working hard to make come to life.

This was very exciting, just being in the same room with so many actors and actresses while realizing they are real people. I received a smile from Damian Lewis as he entered the studio and I was leaving. When the yoga scene was complete, I was invited to the diner scene (episode 3) where I was able to sit ten feet from Claire Danes and her baby while they filmed and edited. It was a great experience. I was so tired at the end of the day that I returned my shoes to the wardrobe assistant and walked without shoes back to my car (which by the way was also in the episode 5!) to avoid a trip back to home base for the day. Bare feet stardom! I have a new respect for the industry and my friend Susan Radford who does this all the time! I returned home expecting an autograph session in my movie star trailer with my family, only it was homework signatures and a messy house full of love without one question about my day! They just wanted mom…and that made me happy!

Healthy Please XOXO



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  • Alicia October 29, 2013 at 12:16

    Good for you, I bet that was fun! I’ve never seen Homeland but I’ll have to find that episode just so I can see the yoga scenes 🙂

    (And I hope you got your mat back!)


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