The new year is exciting for many of us, because we eat a lot over the holidays knowing that we are going to get back on track in January! For some of us, we eat way to much all year long and we eat the wrong foods. I am careful what I eat most of the time, but I do tend to indulge more than I should at Christmas gatherings. This week I want to help you set your fitness and weight loss goals!


It’s very easy to set goals. A goal refers to an aim-a direction, or an end. Basically, an outcome of  your hard work. Many of you may be familiar with SMART GOALS in the business world. If you are not, it is simple to understand.

S: Specific, simple and stated in positive terms.

M: Measurable and meaningful to you.

A: Achievable and stated AS if they are happening NOW – in the present tense, and compelling.

R: Realistic and responsible. What are the consequences to you, your family, the planet and society if you make these changes? What will happen if you do not make these changes?

T: Toward what you want, and timed. Choose a date by which you must achieve the goal.

Jill Hinson Pilates Apparatus

If you are new at setting goals, setting SMART goals will make you more likely to succeed. If you have set SMART goals before in other areas of your life and they have worked for you, you will see that they work equally as well when you set fitness and health goals. Do not set yourself up for failure by demanding more of yourself than you can do at a time. For some people, the idea of a one hour workout can be overwhelming. If that is challenging, try to break it up and exercise 15 minutes two or three times each day. This can be walking, going up and down your stairs or a short fitness video.

Here are some important things to remember when setting goals:

1. Your behavior must match your words. Your thought must match your actions. If I am completely honest, this is a tough one for me at times. For example, it is hard for me to get my water in during the day when I am teaching clients. I cannot exactly stop their training to run to the bathroom. Solution: I am looking for the best times I can get my water in before or after I teach. For many trainers, it is tough to get your own workout in after teaching all day. I have learned to schedule my workouts into my day or they will not happen.

2. Specify your present situation. Where are you now? Look through your own eyes and know this is about you.

3. Take action and immediately move toward the goal that you have set.

4. Act and think like you want to achieve excellence. Don’t go to the gym in a huge t-shirt and jogging pants. Invest in an outfit that makes you feel good about yourself! It may sound crazy, but I promise it makes a difference!

5. Decide what needs to happen for you to know you have achieved your ideal weight. Is it a particular dress or pants size? There needs to be specific benchmarks that you can measure.

During my weight coach training with Mindbody FX, I realized very quickly that our minds and the way we feel about ourselves  may stop us from moving forward to the weight we want to achieve. We tend to resist any activities that we perceive as difficult, boring and unreachable. To overcome the negative feelings it’s important to find the emotional reasons we feel this way and take action! You need to decide to move on from your past. Whether a family member made you feel bad about your weight or you think you do not deserve to be the weight you want to be….you can move past that if you choose to. It is time to make a commitment to yourself and this time follow though!

Sarah Sawtelle and Jill Hinson

Are you ready? That is the real question! Are you ready to change your life permanently? Everything starts with a committed decision. Be kind to yourself and let’s set some goals! But this year….let’s achieve them and not give up before we see how strong and dedicated we can be!

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