Why Pilates?

December 15, 2022

“Why Pilates?”

 My question back to you is “Why not Pilates?” 

I discovered this wonderful form of exercise after the birth of my second child as a way to bring my body back to it’s pre-prego state 19 years ago. I ordered Winsor Pilates DVD sets and made Pilates a part of my daily routine. WOW. I cannot believe it has been 19 years! Here is what I learned…

I just wanted my bikini body back at that time and fit back into my old jeans, but what I found through my 19 year old adventure in learning Pilates was that I really want to be good at balance! I want to  have a strong core! I want my feet to work for me. I want my body to be a machine, meaning well-oiled with happy joints, flexibility and strength.

Pilates will make you strong in muscles you had no idea existed, it can relieve aches and pains, and it can bring more focus and discipline to your other activities. Pilates, when truly studied for more than a “fad” workout which it was never meant to be, will make you want more of it! So really, why not Pilates!